H13 Tool Steel 1.2344

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Hot WorkH131.2344X40CrMoV5-1WP5V

H13 Tool Steel Supplier UK

AKM Steels is a UK-based supplier and stockholder of quality O1 Tool Steel. Our expert tool steel knowledge and decades of industry experience makes us one of the most trusted H13 Tool Steel suppliers in the UK.

What is H13 Tool Steel?

H13 Tool Steel (1.2344) is a tough, versatile, chromium-molybdenum air-hardening, hot-work tool steel.  It has good red-hardness, so is used more than any other tool steel for hot-work applications.  Tools can be water cooled without a risk of thermal fatigue cracking, which occurs because of cyclic heating and cooling cycles in hot work tooling applications. H13 Tool Steel can also be used in cold work applications. It has excellent “polishability”.

H13 Tool Steel applications:

H13 Tool Steel is particularly suitable for hot forming tools, where resistance to heat checking is key:

  • Extrusion tools,
  • Forging dies
  • Pressure casting tools
  • Hot shear knive
  • Tools for the plastics industry
  • Hot chisels
  • Pressure pads
  • Extrusion stems and rams
  • Blanking and bending tools
  • Hot heading tools
  • Backer blocks

AKM Tip:

Whilst H13 is a great all-round tool steel, the metallurgy of tool steels is complex, so if you need any help determining the best steel for a given application, please get in touch with details of your intended usage.  There may well be a new specially developed next generation tool steel that will perform even better for your required application.

H13 Tool Steel stock

H13 tool steel from AKM Steels is supplied soft annealed to max. 229 HB. Rounds can be bandsaw cut to your requirements and are available from 16mm to 855mm diameter.  Also available in wide plates & flats.

H13 Chemical Composition (%):

H13 Chemical Composition

H13 Physical Properties:

H13 Physical Properties

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